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Here's what I'm up to as of April 2024:

  • Enjoying my last couple months in high school
  • Trying to solve all the problems in my life
  • Meeting lots of people and expanding my online presence thoughtfully
  • Trying to do projects instead of meta-projects
  • Figuring out where tf I'm going to college!!
  • Trying to figure out how to balance information and pretense on this website

Coming up

Near future (high confidence)

  • Graduating
  • Enjoying my last couple months with friends
  • Making something out of the summer

Future (medium to high confidence)

  • Going back to a rat camp
  • Studying intelligent systems in college
  • Conducting research

Far future (medium to low confidence)

  • Working in AI
  • Maybe grad school?? Lowkey not sure if this is worth the time tradeoff
  • Saving the world lol

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