Jan 15, 2023

Looking for seminar members

A public call for people interested in philosophy.

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I figured I’d just put this on my website to encourage serendipity.

I’m looking to run some experimental philosophy seminars with high school and college students (ages 16-19ish) in the Bay Area. They’ll be set up around readings from philosophy, linguistics, maybe rationality (e.g. the sequences) and perhaps some cognitive science — it all depends on the group I end up getting and what they’re interested in discussing. Since seminars are about exploring ideas and less about finding definitive solutions, conversations will be freeform.

I’d like to run them in-person, and I’m exploring locations in San Francisco. If things don’t work out in person I might set up something online as well or instead. I’m posting this on LessWrong and a few discord servers, as well as my high school’s message board, so in terms of demographics there’s a lot of potential for variation.

If you or someone you know is interested, I’d love it if you’d reach out. Depending on interest I might run out of space, so I’d recommend reaching out sooner rather than later.

If you don’t live in the bay, don’t think you could get transportation, or are otherwise unavailable but are interested in something like this, you should still reach out — I’d love to talk in general and I might run something online as stated previously. A significant secondary goal of this project is to find a group of similarly-oriented people around my age, and for that any connection is better than none.