Aesthetics; or, Things That I Love

the letter t, scotch-style drop caphere is no choice but to become cracked in everything at once. How difficult of an endeavor that seems! — yet, it is the only worthwhile path upon which to travel. You know this; you know this to be right. And there is, in the end, only to do what you know to be right.

There is a choice for you, the choice between living fully and dying slowly. It is written: kill not the part of you that is cringe, kill the part that cringes.

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  • Liberal Democracy and globalization
  • Wikipedia
  • Textbooks on programming and formal logic
  • Fireflies
  • Jorge Luis Borges, especially Tlon, Uqbar, Orbus Tertius
  • Really good chocolate milk
  • The Blue Ridge mountains at sunset
  • Memetics and Anti-memetics
  • Cornbread and honey
  • Andrej Karpathy’s willingness to put out free educational content online

Haha, what a wicked and ironic comment bro. Now try saying something true and beautiful.

~Tage Erlinger

  • Secret Societies
  • Neo-Kantianism
  • Naturalistic imagery written by Nietzsche
  • All the different kinds of trees
  • Especially Oak, Walnut, Redwood, Pine
  • Even the names of the trees are pretty
  • Acorns and pinecones
  • All Souls College, Oxford; the exam.
  • Gödel, Tarski, Church, Turing; diagonal arguments.
  • Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. (the pretense is earned lol)
  • Language
  • Infinitely-detailed sense-specific word embeddings
  • Birds of prey
  • decoder-only transformers
  • arXiv preprints
  • Gradient Descent

Worldly ambition is so lame. Your ambition should be to learn your own nature and align it to the order of creation. (from Nate)

  • God; building God; also being God
  • Rejecting teleology and relativism
  • Failing to understand things correctly
  • Every religion
  • Carved wooden bookends
  • esoteric mysticism (e.g. Kabbalah)
  • Myths and Literary theory
  • Scripture/Literature
  • Postmodernism, or something
  • crying tears of happiness

The "alphabet song" is a fragment of a much longer ballad, a list of every glyph, every name, every planet—when the angels sing it, you'll remember (from neoltitude)

  • a hike in the verdant forest
  • Pleasantly strolling
  • The birds singing outside my house in the evening
  • producing value
  • people paying you for producing value
  • cozy fireplace in the winter
  • lighting candles (without air pollution)
  • midori md notebook a5
  • nice pens
  • symbolism
  • semiotics
  • paying for software and media, also Piracy
  • Isomorphism
  • A clean living room
  • A desk littered with pearl-white printouts, highlighted and scrawled-in books
  • Leitmotifs
  • free online lectures (e.g. MIT opencourseware, stanford online)
  • A book club (if you run one please invite me)
  • becoming the type of person who gets invited to book clubs

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