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Coherent written pieces with structure and some sort of argumentation. (Mostly.)

How do magnets and electricity work?


Complexity arises from simplicity

Or, "think a little bit, but mostly do stuff."


As little design as possible

Good design is less design.

Everything is actually good

Often I think I need to be optimizing harder. It's time to take a look around and realize that life is actually, kind of incredibly, great.

how do transformers actually work?

describing how transformers work in a way that's intuitive to me

On gardening, using the internet, and redesigning this site

Some thoughts on what I want this site to be, and how that's reflected in design changes I recently implemented.

Conversation topics

Things we could talk about :)

What is social infrastructure?

On building connections, filtering problems, and sparkly people.

Godel, Tarski, and Hilbert, Part 1 - Euclid and Cantor

Introduction to basic set theory, ordinals, and cardinals.

Godel, Tarski, Hilbert, and the Foundations of Mathematics: Part 0

The beginning of my notes attempting an introduction to the foundations of mathematics.



Words! Words! Words!



Resolutions on the college process

An attempt to gain perspective on college admissions, and a philosophy of rejection.



This site

Notes on function, philosophy, and design.



Prompt Library

A public archive of role prompts I've used to elicit more useful answers from LLMs.



Peterson and Political Metaphysics

How Jordan Peterson's metaphysical politics might show us what's in store for our American future.



Looking for seminar members

A public call for people interested in philosophy.


Pages on this website

Things that I don't feel like embedding in prose, smaller ideas, pages with frequent changes

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