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Hi! I'm Logan, an American high school student.

I want to learn everything, though I especially like philosophy, AI, linguistics, cognitive science, computer science, and mathematics. (I'm especially versed in philosophy.)

I'm really interested in building social infrastructure — connecting (and connecting with) people, and building tools to make that easier.

My research interests include:

  • AI-human analogs, particularly with regards to cognitive architectures (e.g. modeling AI architectures off psychology's models of human cognition)
  • Other kinds of interesting techniques (e.g. LLM debate)
  • Prompt engineering — eliciting responses at the edges of the distribution of outputs (in strangeness, usefulness)
  • Mechanistic interpretability — especially where mech interp can tell us new information about language or concepts. (It's still insane to me that we can have things like word2vec and semantic similarity metrics.)
  • Moral philosophy and philosophy of language, especially with regards to what "morality" even looks like in non-human intelligent systems.

I think there's a non-zero likelihood of building something AGI-like in my lifetime, and I want to help make sure that it goes well. These research topics are interesting to me, and are my best guesses at what might be helpful.

Some other things I like include hanging out with friends, bouldering, writing blog posts, web design, writing and playing music, the interrobang (), and watching minecraft videos.

For info on what I'm up to right now, see Now.

Reach out

  • Email me at logangraves dot com
  • DM me on Discord at lgngrvs
  • Schedule a 1-on-1 on my Cal.com

More contact/identities info available here. :]

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