Updated late May, 2024.

There is no choice but to become cracked in everything at once. How difficult of an endeavor that seems to be! — yet, it is the only worthwhile path upon which to travel.

In mid-may 2024 I graduated high school. Not coincidentally, I started to feel hungry again, like I did when I was younger, the feeling of wanting to contain the whole universe inside of me, to be bursting open with multitudes. I'm making up for lost time!

I continue to feel like I'm stuck straddling two worlds. Perhaps they will unite at their limits.

I'm probably going to start a web design agency. Email me if you're interested in being an early client.

Currently reading:

  • Introduction to Computing Systems by Patt and Patel — textbook that takes you from transistors up the levels of abstraction to high-level programming.
  • What the Buddha Taught by Dr. Walpola Rahula, an introduction to Theravada Buddhism. Rahula was a monk and a professor of History and Religions at Northwestern.
  • Various stories from Collected Fictions a compendium of short stories by Jorge Luis Borges translated by Andrew Hurley
  • Bach, Beethoven, and the Boys by David Barber, a short book on the history of western music.
  • Various transformers resources & papers

Coming up

Near future (high confidence)

Future (medium to high confidence)

  • Attending a rat camp as a JC/returner
  • Conducting research

Far future (medium to low confidence)

  • Working in AI
  • Maybe grad school?
  • Saving the world lol

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